Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Spooksville Hunt

I was hopping around looking for a fun hunt to do when I found the Spooksville Hunt. When you teleport on grab a skeleton hud ( FREE) and head on down into the mines. You must find all the bones of the skeleton (there is a prize with each bone) and once you have collected them all you get the grand prize which is an awesome BAAAAD to the bone motorcycle.

 At first I was able to make my way through the carnage and spooks quite easily, however as I went deeper inside the mines the things that go bump in the night grew louder. They came at me from every direction.

 The fear pushed me over the edge.  I couldn't take it anymore. I laid on the floor and cried.

I was finally able to get myself to my feet but the fear had taken its' toll on me. I couldn't go on. When I saw the bed I couldn't help but lay down and rest. 

                                          Hunt Gifts

                                    GRAND PRIZE



HAIR: Alice Project Rosemary Infinity mesh hair( current MM board gift)         

BOOTS : *Crazy* Atura Mesh rigged boots ( not free )

Paradisis Anouchka  (September group gift)

SKIRT: Sakide ( previous hunt gift) Grungy summer skirt

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hipsville Halloween

I have to say I had such a fun time doing this pumpkin hunt and I plan to go back to see what others prizes I get. The space is decorated with the cutesy and frightening decorations.  I spent a few hours running around enjoying it all.

 There are 25 pumpkins to find and every Sunday they change out the gifts and move them around.  You can start your search off in the corn maze or head on to the cemetary. There is also this nice little house on top of hill to visit. On top of the building behind there are some Halloween Bumper cars, so bring so friends and enjoy some Halloween fun.

There are many clowns to welcome  you to the festivities.


The House on the Hill was very welcoming. They opened the door and let me inside. Although leaving proved to be a little more difficult. It seems they wanted me to stay longer.

I wish  I had brought my broom and witches hat to join in . 

On my way out I made my way through a lovely pumpkin patch. I couldn't help but get close to the largest pumpkin  I had ever seen.. I didn't realize that  it was hungry..........

Hipsville Halloween:


Halloween is here and secondlife is full of hunts, spooky trails and haunted houses. All one has to do is type Halloween in search and  you are given many options of places to explore and play. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year especially in sl because there are so many things to do. This month I will be hopping around the grid and enjoying the  Haunted Holiday.

Halloween  and the 13 Ghost Hunt

Make your way to the Halloween decorated shopping area. As you are walking around the area look for the little ghost there are Thirteen Ghost and Thirteen gifts to be had.  Don't miss out on the Cave of Doom. The maze has ghost and goblins that jump out at you as you make your way through the tunnels. There is also a free gift at the mazes center. 

 Enter at your own risk.. not everyone makes it out.


Dress: Miel Regatta Dress
Hair: Lelutka  Trend


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Laughing in Secondlife

I have come to find that the more I am laughing in Secondlife the more fun I am having. I have a great group of friends that give me support, love and reasons to smile everyday. I thought I would share a few random photos of  my secondlife. We managed to have a good time even times can be a bit down. All I can say is remember to have a fun time in whatever you do in SL.. If it isn't fun then don't do it.

           THE BIRDS



            THE DEAD HOOKER








Thursday, July 11, 2013

Isle of Pandateria

 One of my oldest friends in secondlife, Ocean, came to me a few months ago with idea for her new sim and asked if I would come play.  She knew I loved Ancient World Roleplay and  I fell in love with the concept right away. The story begins just after the exile and death of Julia The Elder the daughter of Augustus.

Welcome to the Isle of Pandateria, the year is 37AD and it is the first year of Emperor's Caligula's  reign.

The story for this sim is unique as it doesn't take place in a major city in the ancient world. The story is set on  a small island a few hours away from Italy. The exiles of Rome were sent to the island of  Pandateria for their crimes against the Empire. If they were lucky they would be allowed to live in the village and try to survive on their own. Others were locked away in the prison dependent on others to feed them.  
You arrive on the island by ship and what happens from there.... is where your story begins.

The conditions on the island were harsh and unforgiving. You have a choice of playing an exiled Roman Citzens, Roman Guard or a Pirate.  One  must find a job and food to survive which leads to great character stories.

The Prison on the island not only serves as a place for criminals but a reminder to all those on the island that we are all prisoners here is some way and a place you don't want to go to.

                     Pandateria to me is one of the best well designed sims out there. Jeio and Ocean out did themselves when they put the sim together. The landscapes and buildings are very picturesque. In my opinion is one of the base looking roleplay sims I have ever seen in secondlife.

The marketplace, Lupa, Prisons, caves, and outskirts of town lends to great roleplay and story opportunities. The sim is adult and adults themes run throughout the sim. 

Pandateria is a metered sim. I typically will skip over a sim that uses a meter however I have made the exception for Pandateria. Although  you can fight on the meter you do not have to. You can choose to roleplay fight or meter fight as well as have the option to use a dice if need be. The meter will also allow you to work and earn in-character coins. (not linden only roleplay money). There is a cost for the meter and weapons but don't let that deter you from experiencing some of the best roleplayers in secondlife. At least in my opinion they are.

This is a para-roleplay sim and I have enjoyed every scene I have done. The level of roleplay here is outstanding and if you are into good storyline, character development and ancient world this is definitely a sim to check out.  As for my character Luciana.......

Her story is just starting and so far she has been able to avoid being locked in the prison. She has met the Aedile who is rumored to be a nice guy but ...

She dreams of the day she will be taking back to her home in Rome. Her father will forgive her and she will be able to help restore her family back to the position it once held. 

For now she will continue to watch for that ship that may one day save her.

That is if the Gods allow her to survive.

Isle of Pandateria:


Truth Adeline


Outfit :
 Caverna Obscura

Hands and feet :